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Territory Management 1.0: How is the default Territory defined within the hierarchy when running a report?

Knowledge Article Number 000232759
Description When running Opportunity reports you will be presented with the ability to narrow the scope of the report using the Role (or Territory) hierarchy. The hierarchy will always default to Territory when using a custom report type. This hierarchy will narrow the scope of the report to only the records owned by users lower in the hierarchy than the role selected.
When using the Role hierarchy, the default role used will be that of the role your user record has been assigned to. If you are not assigned a role then the hierarchy will not have a role selected nor will it allow you to drill up/down to other locations in the hierarchy.

When using the Territory hierarchy with Territory Management 1.0, the default territory used will be territory assigned to your user record that has the lowest record ID. Typically this will be the earliest created record, but in certain circumstances, such as an org refresh or migration, newer records may have a lower record ID. This default cannot be altered in any way. 

When using Enterprise Territory Management, you will be permitted to set the priority of the Territories assigned. This will allow this default Territory to be defined.

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