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SFX - How do you default the Collaborate Tab in Lightning Experience to Post (or Poll)?

Knowledge Article Number 000232760
Description In Lightning Experience there is a Collaborate Tab with the Chatter actions Post and Poll. How do you control which action appears first?

The Collaborate tab contains standard Chatter actions. By default, only the Post and Poll actions are supported, and if you have Groups, the Announcement action. Some objects support other standard Chatter actions predefined by Salesforce.

In order to control which Action displays first, you need to edit the Salesforce1 and Lightning Experience Actions section for each object page layout.

Setup | Platform Tools | Objects and Fields | Object Manager | Click on the Object (i.e Contact, Account, Opportunity, etc) 

Page Layouts | Click on the Page Layout Name | Go to the section "Salesforce1 and Lightning Experience Actions" | drag and drop the Post and Poll actions into the desired order. 

The following link is a good reference: 

Understanding How Actions Work in Lightning Experience

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