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Use Relative File Locations with Triggered Automations

Knowledge Article Number 000232797

When creating an Automation Studio Triggered Interaction, you have the ability to select a directory which the Automation will watch for FTP Activities. Once you select a directory, you’ll need to access the file which will be used to trigger your Automation.  In most accounts, by default you'll have file locations set up to access your Import and Export directories, but not the trigger directories.

In order to access the folder location that you’ve specified in your file trigger, you’ll need to create the correct file locations.  When accessing directories that exist on your Marketing Cloud Enhanced FTP site, you’ll want to use the relative file locations file transfer location type.  

Create a file location

Important: To create these locations, you’ll need to be an Administrator in your Marketing Cloud account, and follow the steps below.
1. Log into your Marketing Cloud account as an Administrator.
2. Click the Email App, and then navigate to the Admin tab.
3. Click Data Management | File Locations.
4. Click Create.
5. Give the file location a meaningful name and optionally an External Key and Description.
6. Under "Location Type," select Relative location under FTP Site from the drop down.
7. In "Relative Folder Path" enter the path to the folder on your FTP account.
8. Click Save.
You can then choose that file location for Activities that should interact with the file defined for your Triggered Automation.  It’s also recommended that the Activities that interact with the file should utilize the Trigger Substitution Strings.


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