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Approval Process: send email to record owner's manager

Knowledge Article Number 000232833
Description How to dynamically send an email to record owner's manager for approval process:
Resolution We can dynamically choose the record owner's email address to send an email alert. Below is the example of approval process for an opportunity record, feel free to test it in a Sandbox and amend the details to meet your business needs.


1. Create an Email field on the opportunity called Manager Email

a) Click on Setup | Customize | Object | Custom Fields & Relationships: Click on New | Select Data Type: Email |

2. After creating custom Email field, Click on Setup | Create | Workflow & Approval | Approval Process | Click on Approval process Name | 

     a) Go to Initial Submission Actions​ section.
     b) Click on drop down Add New | Field Update
     c) Enter the Name
     d) Select Field to Update: Manager Email
e) In Specify New Field Value section, select Use a formula to set the new value
f)  Click to Insert Field
g) Select Opportunity Owner | Manager | Email
h) Click on Insert button.
     i)  You will notice the Formula Value as Owner.Manager.Email
j)  Click on Save.

While sending an email alert:

1. Select Recipient Type | Search Email Field
2. In Available Recipients list box, select "Email Field:Manager Email"
3. Click on Add button.


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