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Lightning Experience and Salesforce1 do not support buttons and actions for Approvals

Knowledge Article Number 000232861
If you create an approval process on an object in Classic and then switch to Lightning Experience you will be able see the ‘Approval History’ related list however, you will not have the ability to use the "Unlock" button in Lightning Experience. Approvals are not fully supported in Lightning Experience or Salesforce1.  

If you need to use the "Unlock" button please use Salesforce Classic. In the Classic user interface your users will be able to submit, recall, approve, or reject approval requests.

When using Lightning Experience and Salesforce1 and viewing the 'Approval History' related list, the "Unlock" button will not be available in Lightning.

We're working to try to offer this functionality in the future in Lightning Experience, however there's no estimated date for this to be available.

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