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Why am I getting the error "Cannot add self as a case collaborator." in the new Help & Training Portal?

Knowledge Article Number 000232900
Description As a Help & Training Administrator for my organization, when I try to add myself as a Case Collaborator on cases in the Salesforce Help & Training Portal, I receive the error message: 
Cannot add self as a case collaborator.
Resolution This is the expected behavior.

The new Salesforce Help & Training Portal checks to see if the contact being added to a case matches the user in the portal who is trying to add that contact. If the user and the contact match, then the system will not add the user as a case collaborator and instead displays the error message.

This behavior will apply both to the case contact and to other users who have been designated Help & Training admins for the organization. Help & Training Admins can add other contacts as collaborators on a case, but may not add themselves.

If you are a Help & Training admin for your organization and would like to have yourself added as a case collaborator on a given case, please ask the case contact to do so, or ask another Help & Training Admin for your organization to do add you.

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