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Created By Lookup is Missing from my Case Comment Workflow Field Update in the Formula Builder

Knowledge Article Number 000232913
Description BACKGROUND: 
When you create a workflow rule on the Case Comment object and specify the criteria as "Formula Evaluates to True," there are various fields that you can insert with the "Insert Field" button.  It may be the case that you would like to specify a field on the User record of the creator of the case comment, for example, CreatedBy.Name.

Within some orgs, the "Created By >" lookup option is available in the Insert Field button, and you can select which fields you would like to reference. In other orgs, this option is missing, with no discernible pattern as to why it would be included in some orgs and not others. The option for Created By ID is there, but the lookup is not.

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Resolution RESOLUTION:

The Created By lookup on the Case Comment object is only accessible in workflow rules when the Self-Service portal is not enabled within your org. This can be determined by searching for "Self-" in the Setup Quick find menu, and looking to see if there is a sub-menu called "Self-Service Portal" available in the results. If there is, then you have the Self-Service portal. This is something that cannot be deactivated, even by Salesforce Support.

The reason that the Created By lookup is not available when the Self-Service Portal is available is that Case Comments can then either be created by regular Users, or by Self-Service Users. Since the system will not know which set of fields to display, the option is simply made unavailable.

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