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Offline Drafts (Spring '16 beta) - Important Considerations

Knowledge Article Number 000232915

** Offline Drafts (beta) with v9.0 Android hybrid **
Android Salesforce1 v9.0 is now available to all customers via Google Play store as of March 8th.

System Admins: The "Enable offline create and edit in Salesforce1 (Beta)" pref is visible was enabled prior to Android v9.0 hitting GooglePlay. Once users are running the updated v9.0 S1 Android app, users can see offline drafts enabled in the Stage Left menu below. 

NOTE: iOS hybrid version supporting Offline Drafts is planned for later this year in Summer.


Important Considerations during the use of Offline Drafts beta:
How does a user know when they are offline?
Answer:Toast message shows near header

Is ALL of my data available or can System Admins create a briefcase of data?
Answer: No. There are complex processes determining which specific data makes sense to have local on the device based on usage.

What records are cached?
Answer: Essentially, the data is based on most recently used (MRU). A user can proceed to the Offline section from the lower Stage Left menu | Settings and press OFFLINE CACHE.** This caching process can take a few mins to cache local data prior to going offline. SOME of the layouts and metadata will be auto-cached. Salesforce1 ALWAYS recommends to click CACHE prior to going offline.

Is all of my metadata cached i.e. picklists, lookups ?
Answer: Not exactly. Lookups will not show up in offline lookup picker (unless they were used directly prior to offline mode). Same consideration for picklists fields. Only caches up to the first 15 record types per object.

Are Quick Actions supported in Offline Draft?
Answer: No. Only Standard actions i.e. New and Edit will work while Offline. This will affect Task, Log Call operations will offline.

What if I have Opportunities with Sales Path enabled for Salesforce1 - is that supported?
Answer: Sales Path is not supported at this time.

Why do I not see data which I have used recently?
Answer: This could be related to your Smart Scope cached data. Non smart scoped records will be ignored for Offline. Users can "PIN" search results online in Full Site UI (Aloha) OR if recently edited a record directly prior to going offline, that record and related layouts, etc. should be cached.

Will I see visualforce pages during Offline Drafts?
Answer: No

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