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Omni Channel - Maximum number of cases queued, but not routed

Knowledge Article Number 000232931
Description When trying to test the Omni Channel behavior in Sandbox , there are chances that there are loads of cases created and they being unassigned to the Agents.
However there is a limit on the number of cases that can stay in the queue, the limit is 6000.

Once this limit is hit, new cases cannot be created and we see the error "LIMIT_EXCEEDED, limit exceeded"

In Setup | Omni Channel menu | there is a Limit menu | which shows what the current number is.

Resolution You should try to review the load of items in the queue. To do this please run the below query either in Developer console or Workbench to see the number cases that are in the queue.
Once you have the cases, you can go ahead and delete them so that you can add more cases accordingly. 

SELECT count() FROM Case where OwnerId in (select Id from Group where QueueRoutingConfigId != null)

If you need to discuss further options please reach out to Salesforce Support.

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