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BEST PRACTICES: 7 Domains - Domain #5 - Adoption

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Salesforce Cloud Services

7 Domains
Domain #5 - Adoption

With Salesforce, companies can reach improved performance faster and realize their goals. However, users need to adopt the system first. The following Adoption Best Practices help companies maximize their investment by improving their usage and value of Salesforce. 

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The document contains: 

  • How Salesforce helps companies to reach improved performance faster

  • What Salesforce does (and does not do) to drive user adoption

  • Where to begin with Salesforce Adoption

  • How to review if your Adoption Plan is working

  • Questions to ask in order to identify your most pressing needs

  • Best Practices in each step of the Adoption Framework

    • Executive Sponsorship
      • Develop a clear vision & strategy
      • Identify sponsors to communicate direction and lead by example
      • Measure usage, KPIs and customer / partner satisfaction to ensure results
    • Manger & End-User Value
      • Leverage power users to promote value to others
      • Highlight productivity gains, while meeting how end-users want to work
      • Drive behavior through incentives and rewards
    • Training & Communication
      • Establish the correct training approach
      • Define role-based and process-centric training content
      • Support users with effective communication of changes and iterations
    • Support & Change Management
      • Follow a clear governance and support model
      • Ensure an ongoing data quality strategy
      • Communicate changes and develop a feedback process
  • Suggested Actions

  • Adoption Basics

  • Adoption Tactics

    • Adoption Plays for...
      • Account Management & Planning
      • Opportunity Management
      • Collaboration
      • Data Quality & Maintenance

For a complete overview of the 7 Domains Framework, click the following link:

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