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Calculation of Case AGE field in Reports

Knowledge Article Number 000232939
Description Case object report display a drop-down list labeled “Units” that let you select the view for Age in days, Hours, or Minutes.

This will give you an option to create a custom Formula field that will calculate the Case Age.
Resolution Below are the information on how the time that has elapsed from its creation to the present in a Case is calculated.

Days - NOW()-CreatedDate 
Hours - (NOW() -CreatedDate )*24
Minutes - (NOW() -CreatedDate )*1440

Below are the details on how to create a custom formula to show the "Non - Rounded up" values in Case object for Age in days , Hours or Minutes:

1) Click on Setup | Customize | Case | Fields | Create New Custom fields | Data type Formula |

      a) Name / Label : Case Age in Hours / Minutes / Days | Click on Next | Choose the Formula options below (depending on your requirements)

      b) "Case Age in Days" : 
               IF (IsClosed,ClosedDate - CreatedDate,NOW() - CreatedDate) or

       c) "Case Age in Hours" :
               IF( IsClosed , (ClosedDate - CreatedDate) *24, (NOW() - CreatedDate ) *24) or

       d) "Case Age in Minutes" 
               IF( IsClosed , (ClosedDate - CreatedDate) *1440, (NOW() - CreatedDate ) *1440)


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