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Increasing the Max number of Content Versions published per day

Knowledge Article Number 000232943
Description Available in:  Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited and Developer Editions

This limit represents the amount of files that can be added to Content per 24 hours.
The default limit is 36,000.
The maximum hardcoded limit is 50,000.
The default limit for sandbox environments is 2,500.
Resolution To request Support to increase the Maximum number of Content Versions published per day limit, please take the following steps:
1- Verify that the Organization where you want the feature to be enabled is on an edition where the feature is available.

2- Have a System Administrator to log a Case with Salesforce Support

3- Please mark as "feature activation" on the General Application Area

On the case description, please specify:
    Feature requested: Maximum number of Content Versions published per day
    Organization ID where you want the limit to be increased (Navigate to Setup > Company Profile > Company Information):
    I am the system admin in charge of this feature.
    Business case (why the current limit is not enough and your business needs more):
    Please also answer the following questions:
          1. Which file types they're adding, are they PDF, text files or pptx/ppt?
          2. How large these files will be and how many?
          3. Will they be distributed across multiple workspaces or are they chatter files?

4- What is the duration that you would like to have this limit increased?

5- Our Support Team will review the Case and action the request as needed.

Please note: if an increase is made on this limit, the files can only be uploaded after 5PM Pacific. This is done to ensure the stability of the service for our other customers. If we discover that a customer performs this task during business hours we might reduce the setting immediately.

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