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Case Records Not Getting Created by Guest Users in Communities

Knowledge Article Number 000232960
Description There were some platform changes in the Spring '16 release that resulted in additional Field Level Security validations.  These changes impact  Case access for the Guest User Profile - specifically for the Web-to-Case form associated with the standard "Contact Support" button in Communities. 

Organizations may find that submissions by these Guests are not resulting in Case Records.
Resolution Field-Level Security for the "Web" fields now need to be updated for the Guest User profile in order for unauthenticated users to submit cases from within the Community.

1. View the Guest Profile for the affected Community (Community Management | "Go to" | Public Access Settings)
2. Scroll down to "Field-Level Security"
3. Click the [View] link next to Case
4. Click "Edit" on the next screen
5. Set the following 4 "Web" fields to Visible and Editable (not Read-Only) and Save the changes
- Web Company
- Web Email
- Web Name
- Web Phone

Once this has been done, Cases should be created without issue.

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