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Some Report Types are not displaying on the production organization

Knowledge Article Number 000233010
Description When looking at the Sandbox organization Report type list, there are many Report Types I can select choose and some of them cannot be found on the Production organization even though they have exactly the same settings.

This might occur when a Report Type is using an object which is from a Suspended or Expired installed package or if your system administrator have decided to hide some report types (For further information about hiding report types please check the article
Hide Unused Report Types)
Resolution To check whether the Report Type is coming from an installed package:

1) Check Sandbox and look under Setup | Create | Report Types
2) Click on the name of a Report Type
3) Look for the Object Relationships and check if it's referencing to an installed package


1) Check Sandbox and look under Setup | Create | Report Types
2) Check if the name of the Report Type has this icon Managed - Installed besides it

To check if there is a Suspended or Expired package:
1) Go to Setup | Build | Installed Packages
2) Check the Status if it's Suspended or Expired

Contact the app vendor for assistance.

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