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Change a User email address

Knowledge Article Number 000233025

Requirement: Email addresses can only be updated for Users listed as “Active” on the User Detail page.

Whether you’re a Salesforce user or your org’s admin, you can change the email address in the details on User records to update contact information.



Update your own email address

1. Click your name | select My Settings.
2. Click Personal | select Personal Information.
3. In the “Email” field, enter your new email address.
4. Click Save to confirm and apply your change.


Update the email address for another User (Admins only)

1. Click Setup.
2. Under “Administer,” click Manage Users | select Users.
3. Find a User record to update, then click Edit.
4. In the “Email” field, enter a new email address.
5. Click Save.

A notification email will be sent to the original email address and a verification email will be sent to the new email address to authorize the change. To apply the update, the user must click the verification link sent to their new email and complete the resulting verification steps within 72 hours.

Please note that this will only happen when changing the email address on the user record to an email other than the user's email address, and not when changing the Return Address with that user's personal email settings.


Bulk update multiple User email addresses (Admins only)

To change User email addresses in bulk, use an API tool like Data Loader or Workbench. Learn how to process the changes in our “Mass update user email addresses” help article.

After your bulk change, notification emails will be sent to each original email address and verification emails will be sent to each new email address to authorize and apply each update.

Note: If there's only one System Administrator user in your organization and you need to change their email address, use the steps in our "Change the System Administrator for my Salesforce account" help article.

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