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Community Self-Registration Redirects to Login Page

Knowledge Article Number 000233043
Description When you enable self-registration for a Community, certain Visualforce pages and Apex controllers are automatically associated with your community.  Updating the "CommunitiesSelfRegController" allows organizations to customize the default self-registration process.

After such customization has been put in place, organizations may find that visitors to the Community are unable to successfully complete registration and are instead redirected to the Login page.
Resolution There are a couple of solutions that typically resolve this issue:

1. From Setup | Develop | Apex Classes, there is a link just above the listview called "Compile all classes."  Click this link to compile dependent classes and ensure all custom code is valid.

2. If the issue persists, there may be a developer mistake in a specific line of code.  In this scenario, comparing customization to the original default code should help to isolate the issue.  Salesforce Support can also be contacted for assistance.

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