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Logging calls using Android Salesforce1 Call History recommendations

Knowledge Article Number 000233051
Description The Call History selection on Stage Left (only available in Android Salesforce1) is an excellent tool for easily getting a Call from a possible Contact into your phone without having to first create a Local device contact.

Though there are options to Log a Call from this page, our recommendation for Logging Calls via the Call History stage left tab, is the following:
1) First, select the Contact shown on the list and select  'Go to Contact'
NOTE: Ensure the 'match' status indicates "Match Successful". If the status is blank try force closing the app.

2) Once on the Contact record, choose either the 'Call' or 'Log a Call' quick actions to enter the log into Activity History. Although this requires an extra selection, it tends to be faster to utilize the performance optimized quick actions.

When adding the Contact into Salesforce1 from the Call History page, there may be a refresh delay on that page in order to choose to Log a Call or Go to Contact. Again, our recommendation is to simply remain on the newly create contact record (after you click SAVE) and choose the 'Call' or 'Log a Call' quick actions.

** It is also the recommendation of to keep the Phone's call history entries to a minimum. This will ensure the best possible device performance. 

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