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Number of Characters allowed when composing an email using the Standard Email body field and Email Publisher in the Feed

Knowledge Article Number 000233060
Description There is a difference in the number of characters allowed when composing an email using the Standard "Send an email" button from the Emails or Activity History Related list and when composing an email using the Email Publisher from the Record Feed.


The Standard Email Body field can accommodate upto 384000 characters only when sending/composing an email using the "Send an Email" button from the "Emails" or "Activity history" related lists. This means the recipient of the email will receive the email upto 384k when the email is sent using the above method. This is regardless of the Organization having increased the Email body character size limit from the default 32000 characters.

Please refer to the field limits for Email Body on Page 48 of the Field Reference Guide.

The organization limit (could be default 32k or max 128k) will be applicable in the following scenarios :

1. When sending emails using the Email publisher in the Feed : Users cannot type in more than the Organization set limit for Email body character size which is set to 32k by default. Please refer to this article  on the error received and how a request for increase can be made. 

2. Assuming you have sent an email from the Emails or Activity history related lists with more characters (Upto 384k) than the default Organization limits for Email body, you will notice that the number of characters in the Sent email or the Email in the activity history after the email has been sent will get truncated to the defined limit for the Organization.

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