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Files Connect SharePoint on-premises troubleshooting - Useful resources

Knowledge Article Number 000233063
Description Selection of frequent issues/topics in all the documentations for faster reference.
Resolution Files Connect setup guide

Files Connect information center: Section 1 has links to all other documentations and videos

Files Connect General limitations:
- In Lightning Exprience: Files Connect UI only appears in file selection dialogs ("file picker")
- Only Visualforce-based  communities are supported. Template based communities are not supported
- Only Basic & NTLM authentications are supported
- Only document libraries are supported
- SharePoint 2010: anonymous access has to be disabled on search.asmx web service (https://sharepoint/_vti_bin/search.asmx)

Files Connect Agent requirements and limitations:

- Supported Java versions: 
      Java JRE 1.8 (recommended)
      Java JRE 1.7 (org version must be 200.1 or later)

- The server running the agent must be able to access both Salesforce and the SharePoint server

Files Connect Agent Setup Guide:

- SSLHandshakeException 

See section "Connecting to an on-premise external data source using HTTPS"

- Downloading the agent logs

- Useful agent commands

Files Connect Agent Troubleshooting:

Lists all the known error messages and the corresponding solutions.

Search for articles on the Help portal:

- Type in the error message
- Type in "Files Connect issue"

Search for Known Issues on the Success Community:

Select the Known Issues category and type in "Files Connect"

If you still don't find the issue after going through the above resources, please follow the steps in the following article to create/escalate the case:

Files Connect SharePoint On-Premises Troubleshooting Guide

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