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Knowledge Article Number 000233069
Description "Insufficient Privileges" error when accessing Goal reports
Resolution In August 2015 we released a new version of Goals, which splits Goals and Metrics into two separate objects.  As a result, you will get an error when you try to run a Goal report that was created before your org was upgraded to the latest version of Goals.

To resolve the issue you would need to uninstall the existing reporting package and install the new reporting package, which is compatible with the latest version of Goals.  When you do this you will lose all of your existing reports.  You may want to take screenshots of any important reports before proceeding, so that you can recreate them.

Uninstall the Deprecated Reporting Package

1. Login in as a System Admin and got to the Setup page

2. Select Installed Packages

3. Click the Uninstall link next to Perform (DEPRECATED)

Install the latest Reporting Package

1. While logged in as System Admin click on the following link to install the package

2. Follow the steps to install the package

After the package has been successfully installed you can access its Goal reports and create your own.

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