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Why am I taken to the Bulk Data Load Jobs page for Account after importing campaign members?

Knowledge Article Number 000233071
Description I am importing contacts as campaign members using the Data Import Wizard and have selected the option to update existing records.  My csv file contains a column for Account IDs, Contact IDs, Campaign IDs as well as other columns.  After submitting the import request I'm taken to the Bulk Data Load Jobs detail page for the Account object.  Why am I taken to view the results for accounts rather than campaign members?
Resolution The import operation queries three objects in the following order; Account, Contact and Campaign Member.  Users are directed to the Bulk Data Load Job detail page for Account since it was the first object to be queried.  This is working as designed.  The Contact and Campaign Member results can be viewed by clicking on the Since the "« Back to List: Bulk Data Load Jobs" link at the upper left of the page.

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