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Dataflow Error "Queue wait time exceeded limit" in Wave Analytics

Knowledge Article Number 000233087

A Wave Analytics Dataflow may fail with the following error message:

Queue wait time exceeded limit

This indicates that there was an authentication issue with the Integration User​.

Resolution There are multiple configuration preferences that may contribute to this behaviour:

Login IP Restrictions, Login Hours, Two-Factor Authentication

  • Check that the Analytics Cloud Integration User profile for the Integration User does not have any of these preferences enabled or defined. If any of these are enabled, the dataflow will not be able to be run. More details on Login Restrictions can be found here.

API Client Whitelisting

  • If you have API Client Whitelisting enabled, ensure that the Analytics Cloud Integration User profile for the Integration User has been granted the "Use Any API Client" system permission. More information about API Client Whitelisting.

Further Troubleshooting

  • Check any other authentication restrictions you may have configured in your org. Ensure that the Integration User is not prevented from authenticating.

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