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Dashboard or Lens Error "Unknown IDTOKEN" in Wave Analytics

Knowledge Article Number 000233090
Description You may receive the following error when loading a Dashboard or Lens in Wave Analytics:

Application Error
Unknown IDTOKEN: Field_Name

This can be caused by several situations.

Field does not exist in dataset

This is generally caused when the field is entirely null. Fields without values will not be created in the dataset and references to those fields will error. This can be corrected by including data in the field at its source or by setting a defaultValue as described here.

Field reference is not correct

The Field_Name may not be correct. If the Field_Name has been manually entered in the Lens or Dashboard JSON, ensure that it is accurate. More information about Dashboard JSON is here.

Field has been relabeled in XMD

If you have used XMD to change the label for this field in the dataset, ensure that both the Lens/Dashboard JSON and the Dataset XMD match for this field. More information about XMD is here.

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