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Why am I receiving an "OAUTH_APP_BLOCKED" error when trying to access Salesforce Help & Training?

Knowledge Article Number 000233107
Description When I navigate to Help & Training, I'm taken to a page where I'm not logged in to the Help & Training Portal. When I click the login link and enter my valid Salesforce login credentials, I'm still not logged in.

I noticed that when I click the "Log In" button, my browser briefly displays this URL:

Why is this happening?
Resolution This may occur because your system administrator has chosen to block the "Salesforce Help & Training" Connected App for your organization.

To confirm this, an administrator in your organization can follow these steps:

1. navigate to Setup > Manage Apps > Connect Apps OAuth Usage
2. Look for the "Salesforce Help & Training" Connected App
3. If the "Action" button for the Salesforce Help & Training app says "Unblock", then this Connected App has been blocked.

To allow Salesforce Help & Training connections from your org, an administrator must follow these steps:

(follow steps 1-3 above)
4. Click "Unblock".
5. To proceed, review the dialog box that appears and click "OK"
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