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Delete a Synchronized Data Extension created by Data Stream

Knowledge Article Number 000233120
If you delete a Synchronized Data Extension from the Marketing Cloud, like deleting the object in the User Interface, it doesn't end the synchronization processing that runs automatically behind the scenes.  The workaround is to end new updates from being pushed to the Data Extension object that's no longer needed, or needs to be reset. 

The below instructions outline the best method of resetting the data and fields within a specific object and the best method for ending synchronization of a specific object when needed.

Remove or Reset Fields

Caution Icon Important: When certain fields are no longer needed, removing these select fields within the Data Source configuration will result in those fields, and any data within, being deleted from the Synchronized data extension when the Poll Schedule runs it's next cycle.

1. Go to Contact Builder. 
2. Click Data Sources | Synchronized.
3. Select your Salesforce Organization as the Data Source.
4. Under the Synchronized tab, select the Salesforce Object that you wish to modify.
5. Click Edit Fields.
6. Uncheck any fields that are no longer needed (some defaults can not be edited).
7. Click Save

If you don't need to end all processing for this object, please stop here.

End All Synchronization Processing

1. Follow steps 1-4 above.
2. When the "Overview" tab is visible, click Pause Sync.
3. Select Pause in the confirmation window that appears.


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