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How to setup Two Factor Authentication for Salesforce1

Knowledge Article Number 000233131
Description How to set Two Factor Authenticator for my Salesforce1 users. It is working fine on the desktop version 
The following steps should be performed only if two factor authentication is already setup on desktop.

For Two factor authentication to work on Salesforce1 we would check the following:

  1. Download the Salesforce1 authenticator app in your phone and make sure it is synced with your production org on your phone.
   2. Go to connected app || 'Salesforce1 for iOS' or 'Salesforce1 for Android' || "Edit" this page || Go to the setting "IP Relaxation"|| Select "Relax IP restrictions with second factor" || Go to 'Required Session level: High Assurance' ||Save
    3. Once these steps are completed go to your saesforce1 app try to login and you will be prompted with verification code 
    4.Copy-Paste the code into the text in SF1 app
    5.You should be able to login to salesforce1 app.

Click here to setup Two factor authentication on your desktop for admins.

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