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How to setup Two Factor Authentication for Salesforce1

Knowledge Article Number 000233131
Resolution Steps for setting up Two Factor Authentication for Salesforce1 users:
  1. Go to Setup > Administration > Manage Apps > Connected Apps > Salesforce1 for iOS
  2. Click Edit
  3. In the OAuth Policies Section, set the IP Relaxation setting to "Relax IP restrictions with second factor"
  4. In the Session Policies Section, click the checkbox for "High assurance session required"
  5. Click Save
You will need to repeat these steps for Salesforce1 for Android as well

Once these steps are completed, open Salesforce1 and login.  You will be prompted to verify your identity.  

The above steps should be performed only if Two Factor Authentication is already setup for Salesforce. If you need help setting Two Factor Authentication for Salesforce, please explore the "Secure your users' identify" Trailhead for a walkthrough.

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