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Spring '16 - Picklist value is too long for the max size of 40 via API but not in the User Interface

Knowledge Article Number 000233150
Description You may get errors when trying to deploy multipicklist values from one org to another using the Metadata API, for example
The Error is: Picklist value is too long for the max size of 40

The values might be coming from another Org (so they're valid somewhere else) and, when creating them manually, you'll be able to add more than 40 characters. Why is this happening?
Resolution In Spring '16 as part of supporting Global Picklists (Pilot program, more information here), we stopped enforcing the 40 character limit for multi-select value labels. However, there are a few remaining places in the API where there still is validation enforcing these limits. We will consider removing these limits in the future but in the meantime you'd need to create those values manually or pass values under 40 characters.

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