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Why does the Data Loader add extra hours to the Date/Time fields in Salesforce?

Knowledge Article Number 000233174
Description When you import/update/upsert Date/Time fields with the Data Loader, you might see different times updated/imported in Salesforce, than you have in your source .csv file. 
Resolution Salesforce stores all Date/Time fields internally in UTC (Universal Time Coordinated) time. If your user's time zone is not GMT, but for example GMT+1,  an extra hour will be added to the time in Salesforce.

For example: 
Date/Time field on the csv: 
2016-03-01T08:00:00.000Z  (Z stands for UTC time)

Imported/updated Date/Time field in Salesforce: 
01/03/2016 09:00

Salesforce just added +1 hour to the time field, because the  user's time zone is GMT+1.

When the Daylight Savings Time (DST / "summer time") applies, it adds an extra hour to the Date/Time fields in Salesforce. For more information about DST visit this website

In this case, if the user's time zone GMT+1 (as an example) the following applies:

Date/Time field on the csv: 
2016-08-20T08:00:00.000Z  (Z stands for UTC time)

Imported/updated Date/Time field in Salesforce: 
20/08/2016 10:00

You will see, that Salesforce adds +2 hours:
+1 hour because the user's time zone is GMT+1
+1 hour because of the DST: it adds +1 hour to the winter time.

These examples presented with the GMT+1 time zone, but the rule applies to any time zone, and the +1 hour DST for any location, where DST applies.


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