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Why is a meeting with a scheduled time in the past still within the Open Activities related list?

Knowledge Article Number 000233176
Description Why don't my events move to the Activity History related list after the meeting date/time has passed?
Resolution This behavior is seen with events created via Cloud Scheduler under the following circumstances:
  • proposed dates/times are sent to the invitee, and
  • the invitee responds with times they are available, but
  • the meeting organizer fails to select and confirm one of the invitees available dates/times within the Open Activity record  
This results in the record remaining in the Open Activities related list and displaying "In the past" next to the "Select One" field.  This is considered expected behavior and the meeting organizer is presented with the following options when this occurs:
  • reschedule the meeting
  • send an update to the invitee
  • cancel the meeting 

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