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Success Insights - Marketing Cloud - Email - LIST HYGIENE

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Success Insights - Marketing Cloud - LIST HYGIENE: INACTIVE SUBSCRIBERS

  • Lots of inactive subscribers pose a risk to your deliverability.
  • Sometimes subscribers aren't interested in your emails anymore but don't unsubscribe for some reason.
  • Subscribers who haven't engaged with your emails in a long time represent a shrinking revenue opportunity and growing risk to your ability to get your emails delivered and dampen your performance metrics.
  • It's worth trying to get unengaged subscribers engaged with your emails again, but realistically you'll end up letting most of them go.
  • Define inactive subscribers by their email behavior, but consider their other behaviors - ISPs will begin junking or blocking your emails if they see too many of your subscribers haven't engaged with your emails in a long time.
  • Send your inactive subscribers different messaging at a different frequency.
  • Consider using different subject lines or sending "win back" emails with your richest offers.
  • Send non-promotional emails asking subscribers to complete a survey that might provide you with more information to send more targeted emails.
  • Send a series of re-permission emails before you remove a chronically inactive subscriber from your list - send up to 3 re-permission emails.
  • Use differing subject lines and send on different times of the day.

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