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Unable to open Article Detail Page in Community Builder

Knowledge Article Number 000233193
Description When attempting to open the Article Detail Page in the Community Builder you may encounter the following error:

The page can't be displayed

The Article Detail page relies on your Salesforce data and because you don’t yet have any relevant content, the page can't be displayed. Add some appropriate content and try again.

Resolution The message is the result of the Community Builder being unable to load an article due to missing topic setup, configuration, and assignment to articles in the Community.

In order to load the Article Detail Page in the Community Builder you must enable topics on article types. Then in Community Management, create a topic in Topic Management setup, create and mass assign articles to the topic via data categories in Navigational Topics or individually assign topics to articles in Article Management setup.


- Create Article Types.

- Create and configure Data Categories. See Data Categories in and Create and Modify Category Groups for more details.

- Create and publish at least 1 knowledge article assigned to your data categories and set with appropriate channel visibility.

To resolve the error message:

1. Enable topics for objects on your article type. See Enable and Configure Topics for Objects.

Note: If topics are not enabled for article types, attempting to Add Topics to Articles or Remove Them will result in the error: This feature is not currently enabled either for this record type or the given user type or org.

2. Add a Topic to the community via Community Management | Topic Management. See Manage Topics in Communities.

3. Assign articles to your newly established community topic. See step 5. of the Set Up Navigational Topics documentation.

If you continue to see the error message after assigning topics to articles via the steps above, the error can also be caused by the Community Builder attempting to render an article that currently has a draft. You can either publish draft articles that may be available in the community or if publishing draft articles is not a scalable option you can manually open an article via the community builder as a workaround to access the Article Detail page.

1. Open the BRANDING EDITOR tool in the Community Builder. See Brand Your Community with Community Builder for details on how to open the editor.

2. In the preview window's search bar type in the title of a known existing article.

3. Click to open the article if it displays in the instant results or alternatively perform a full search and click into the article in the results.

Once you have directly opened an article in the builder's preview pane the Article Detail page will be selected and you'll be able to make any necessary changes.

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