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Data Stream Attribute Group not showing updates

Knowledge Article Number 000233205
Depending on the number of changes that will need to be made to the object (any fields within and any data included in these fields), updates to a Synchronized Entity in Data Stream may not appear immediately. The details below outline the possible solutions to this scenario.

Data Stream Backfill Still Processing

It's possible that the Replication API (Backfill Processing) is still going through the data changes and writing those changes to the Marketing Cloud databases that store these Synchronized Data Extensions and all associated field data. This synchronization backfill process relies on the API Communication from the Marketing Cloud to the Sales Cloud, as well as the number of fields and rows specified. Keeping this information in mind, please estimate 500,000 to 1,000,000 rows per hour.

Data Stream Backfill Processing Issues

If you've already given the system an appropriate amount of time to complete the updates and you still don't see the expected data changes, it's possible that the changes didn't propagate as expected across all necessary database tables. In this instance, a Support ticket will need to be opened with Marketing Cloud Support to help identify and correct the issue.

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