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Console Knowledge Sidebar and Knowledge One component returns no articles

Knowledge Article Number 000233222
Description Console “Suggested Articles” and Knowledge One component returns no articles when utilizing Data Category Mappings and "Suggest articles for cases considering case content", no articles can be returned if the Category in question has only a parent category and no siblings or children.

1) In Knowledge Enabled Org, go to: Setup -> Data Categories -> Data Category Setup

2) Make sure there are no Category Groups. Click on "New" to create the first and provide it with any name you wish. Hit save

3) In the right pane, there will now be under the title of "Categories in <group name>" and top Parent node called "All". Do not create an child nodes (categories) underneath it. Hit cancel beside the empty box for creating a child node.
4) The Category Group should be listed under "Inactive Category Groups". Activate it

5) Now create a KB article, with any details, but make sure the Category value for your group is set to "No Category" and not "All"

6) Save and publish the Article

7) Now go to: Setup -> Knowledge -> Data Category Mappings

8) Add a new Mapping, based on for example: Case Field (Subject), Category Group (Your group from above), Default Data Category (All)

9) Add the Knowledge Sidebar to the Case layout for console or Knowledge One as a "Custom Console Components" for the Case Layout as a sidebar and ensure you have "Suggest articles for cases considering case content" enabled under Knowledge One settings

10) Open a Case in the console
Result: There will be 0 suggestions in the components even after clearing the search and filters. "No articles found."
Resolution In Knowledge -> Data Category Mappings, please make sure “Default Data Category” = none for data category.  This will prevent the searches to hardcode "All" in “Suggested Articles” and Knowledge One component.

End users couldn’t remove “All” from “Suggested Articles” because the “Suggested Articles” filter doesn’t display that data category because it doesn’t have any child data categories. If admin added a child data category, end user would see data category in the filter so end user could manually remove filter.

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