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Data Stream not showing all expected Salesforce Objects

Knowledge Article Number 000233226
When getting started with Data Stream and Object Synchronization, some Objects or Fields may not appear as expected in the Synchronize Entity Wizard. Follow the steps below to determine the potential cause and steps to follow for resolution, as the issue may depend on your specific scenario.

Initial Data Stream Setup

All Objects that are pulled back and visible within the Available tab are limited to what the System User has access to.  If you're seeing Fields or Objects missing when you're getting started with Data Stream, the cause is generally permissions on the System User.  Follow the steps below to verify System User visibility:

1. Log into the Sales Cloud instance directly using the System User credentials.  If you do not know these credentials, these steps will need to be carried out by the System Administrator who does have the necessary credentials.
2. Navigate to the Object directly via the Tab selection at the top.
3. Verify that this user can see the object and any of it's associated data, for example, Contact records.

Adding a field to an already Synced Entity

If you're trying to add a new Field to a Synchronized Entity, two scenarios may come up where the field is not visible: 

Scenario 1: Field not available in Synchronize Entity Wizard

This scenario will relate back to steps 1-3 above and System User visibility of this field will need to be verified.

Scenario 2: Field not showing up after having being selected in the Synchronize Entity Wizard

​If this scenario takes place, the Backfill process may still be running and populating the data behind the scenes.  If you've allotted an appropriate amount of time, averaging 1,000,000 rows of data per hour, and there's still no change, please contact Marketing Cloud Support as an issue may be preventing this data from being visible in the Marketing Cloud as expected.

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