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Enterprise Territory Management territory creation throwing errors or empty in Sandbox environment

Knowledge Article Number 000233255
Description Enterprise Territory Management doesn't allow you to add new territory. The Edit page is empty or the record throws an Internal Server Error when saving.

Steps to reproduce
1. Navigate to Setup and use the Quick Find to locate Territory Models.
2. After creating a Territory Model click on View Hierarchy.
3. Click on the Create Territory button.

Once there you'll see that there are no fields available or that there is an Internal Server Error.
Resolution Sometimes, during the Sandbox Copy process, part of the Page Layout assignments for Territory Types are not carried over correctly, causing the lack of fields and consequent error messages to appear.

You can resolve this by manually editing the Page Layout Assignment. The URI to access the Setup node is: _ui/common/config/layout2/LayoutMappingUI/e?type=Territory2Type
Please append this to your own Sandbox URL, for example: 
There you'll see that some Profiles will not have a Page Layout assigned, you need to assign the Layout to each Profile and Save in order to avoid the errors.

You may also need to check the Territory layout assignment by navigating to: Setup | Build | Customize | Territories | Page Layouts and click on Page Layout Assignment.
Make sure all Profiles have a Page Layout assigned and save.

The issue should be resolved after reviewing that both assignments are correctly configured.

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