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How do I reduce the character limit of Standard fields

Knowledge Article Number 000233257
Description Example:

The Account Name field on the Account Object is 255 characters and you would like to reduce it to 80 characters.
Resolution We cannot change the Character Limit for Standard fields however there is a workaround to restrict the limit through Validation rule.

Workaround for above Example:

1) Click on Setup | Customize  | Accounts | Validation Rules.

        a) Click New and enter Rule Name and Description.
        b) Enter the Condition formula: LEN(Name) > 80
        c) Enter Error Message - Account name should not exceed 80 characters.
        d) Click on Save


The character limit on any other Standard field can be restricted by using the same Validation Rule, only the formula would differ based on the character limit to be restricted and the field name. The Formula for any other field would be:

LEN(FieldName) > number of characters to be restricted.

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