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Automatically assign Leads to Campaign as Campaign Members on Lead creation

Knowledge Article Number 000233270
Description When a Lead is created or updated, I want to assign that Lead automatically to a Campaign as a Campaign Member.

Resolution Follow the steps below to create a process that will add the lead you are creating or modifying to a Campaign.
1) Click on Setup | Create | Workflows & Approvals | Process Builder:
2) Click on New | Enter Process Name | Click Save.
3) Click Add Object and Select Lead
4) Select when you need to start the process: "only when a record is created" or "when a record is created or edited"
5) Click Save.
6) Set criteria:

      a) Enter Criteria Name (something like "Attach Lead to Campaign").
      b) Criteria for Executing Actions: Enter the Conditions that must be met for the lead to be added to the campaign if any, otherwise select "No criteria—just execute the actions!"
      c) Click Save.

7) Add Immediate Actions:

      a) Select Action Type: Create a Record
      b) Enter Action Name.
      c) Select Record Type: Campaign Member 
      d) Set Field Values:

            ​Campaign Id: 15 digit Id of the Campaign (You will find the Id in the url of the campaign record).

            Lead Id (Type: Reference): [Lead].Id

Note: No need to set criteria for any other fields unless they are required in the Campaign Member records.

8) Save the Process.


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