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Lightning: When inline editing an Area Text Field - hitting "enter" behavior is different than manual edit or Classic behavior

Knowledge Article Number 000233272
Description In Lightning Experience, when inline editing an Area Text Field, hitting "enter" twice will automatically save your change on the record.

Hitting "Enter" once takes users to a highlighted view of the field (cursor leaves the text box):

User-added image

When manually editing in Lightning OR when editing in any way in Aloha Classic, hitting enter will take you to the next line of the text box:

User-added image

Resolution This is working as designed.

The intention for inline editing in combination with Lightning is meant for very efficient and quick saves. Hitting "enter" twice will save a record quickly when users are done entering values/text.

Workaround: For users who wish to proceed to the next line without saving the record, shift+enter can be used instead.

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