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sfdcRegister Transformation "folderid" Parameter Behaviour in Wave Analytics

Knowledge Article Number 000233279
Description Caution FlagThe "folderid" parameter in sfdcRegister is unsupported. Use of this parameter may result in unexpected behaviour and Salesforce Support cannot troubleshoot this functionality.

The "folderid" parameter controls where the dataset is created, if it does not already exist.
If a dataset has been moved to another app after creation, the dataflow will fail with the following error:
Error executing node sfdcRegister_Node: Error getting or creating container: error_details: The app you specified doesn't contain that dataset.; errorId

To resolve this error, remove the "folderid" parameter from the dataflow definition.

Recommended usage:

  • Use "folderid" on initial run, then modify dataflow JSON to remove the "folderid" parameter. This will prevent errors if the dataset is ever moved.
  • Alternatively, do not use "folderid" and manually move the new dataset from the Shared App into the desired App after creation.

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