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Internal Server Error (-1975307280) when using Approval Processes

Knowledge Article Number 000233284
Description When trying to submit a Record (i.e. Contact, Opportunity...) for approval you may receive an Internal Server Error with a gack error similar to 123456789-12345 (-1975307280), usually the last part will always be the same.
Resolution One possible and common occurrence of this issue is caused by the use of a VisualForce Email Template and the underlying logic causing a conflict with the Approval Process.

To understand if this is the cause please review what type of Email Template is being used on your Approval Process. If you're using a VF Template, you could temporarily change it for a plain Text Email Template and see if the issue appears or not.

If the issue no longer appears after changing to a Text/HTML Template then we would suggest you to review the code in the Visualforce Template to see what logic is taking place that could cause a conflict with the actions defined in the Approval Process.

If you require further assistance to try to identify what part of the VisualForce Template is causing issues you can reach out to our Developer Support Team creating a Case and, even though we won't be making the changes for you, we might be in a position to provide some additional context about the error in your particular Org based on our logs.

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