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SMS Send Logging for Marketing Cloud Mobile Sends

Knowledge Article Number 000233287
With the March 2016 Release of Marketing Cloud, a new Send Log template has been auto-enabled for all accounts utilizing Send Logging.  This template is meant to target SMS Sends, including MobileConnect and MobilePush Sends.

The below details outline what fields are included, what will happen with your data if this new template is not utilized, and how to create this template if you're interested in doing so.

SMS Send Log Fields

This new template will include the below fields automatically, but unique fields for your use case can be added to the SMS Send Log Data Extension.
  • SMSJobID
  • SMSTriggeredSendID
  • BatchID
  • SubID

What happens to my data if I don't use this template?

If your account is already utilizing the standard Send Log template anywhere, all SMS send data is currently being recorded there, and will continue to do so until a Send Long Data Extension is created that utilizes this new template.  Creating a new SMS Send Log is not a requirement, but is an option for any accounts that wish to separate their send data from Email Sends vs SMS Sends.

Create a new Send Log

Creating a new SMS Send Log Data Extension using these steps: 

1. Click the Subscribers tab.
2. Click Data Extensions.
3. Click the Create From Template button.
4. Select the checkbox next to the "SMSSendLog" template.
5. Click the Select button at the top of the screen.
6. Enter the name, external key and description you wish to assign to this Data Extension.
7. Leave the checkbox next to Used for Sending unchecked.
8. Create additional fields for list Attributes or Data Extension fields you would like to record in the Send Logging Data Extension.
9. Click Save to save the Data Extension.

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