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Support for Marketing Cloud HubExchange applications

Knowledge Article Number 000233296
HubExchange applications are built and supported by third parties, and Support contact information is available for all apps on HubExchange. If you run into any issues with specific applications installed in your Marketing Cloud instance from the HubExchange Marketplace, you'll need to contact the support team for that particular app, as the Marketing Cloud Support Team is unable to provide any insight into these third party apps.  

Follow the steps below to find the Support contact information for the HubExchange app you need help with. 

Find HubExchange App Support Contact Information

1.  Visit the HubExchange Marketplace.
2.  Type the name of the App into Search.
3.  Click Search. 
4.  Click on the name of the application.
5.  In the left-hand column, under the "Request more info" button, you'll find contact information. 

User-added image Important: This applies to all HubExchange applications, even apps like Link Validator that was created by ExactTarget Labs. 

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