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Send Logging Marketing Cloud Email Sends

Knowledge Article Number 000233298
The Send Log Data Extension is an ongoing record accessible to users within the Marketing Cloud that stores Send-Time data specified by the Admin User, including subscriber specific Attribute data or Unique Use-Case Data Extension row data.  This ongoing record provides access to data that's not readily accessible via standard Tracking Data or Reports within the Marketing Cloud and is particularly useful with cases of ongoing Data Extension overwrites occurring.

Continue reading to see which email Sends from the Marketing Cloud can be set to have this send-time data stored within this Send Log.

Supported Send Types

When configuring a Marketing Cloud Send, the Send option "Enable Send logging to a Data Extension" must be selected in order for the data from this particular Send to be recorded.

Currently the Marketing Cloud allows for appending data to the Send Log record via the below Send methods:

  • User-Initiated Sends (via Programs or Automations)
  • Triggered Sends
  • A/B Test Sends
  • Guided Sends

Learn more on how to create a Send Log Data Extension

Good to know: While this information is specific to email Sends, it's possible to record Send-Time data of SMS Sends as well. 

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