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Knowledge Article Number 000233299

Salesforce for Outlook is unable to pull up the record via Side Panel Global Action as it is a Person Account


We found this issue in Known Issue while working on a case:

We worked with the customer and implemented a workaround which helped us resolving the case.

Workaround for Person Accounts:

In case the customer is using Person Accounts and because of it cannot populate Contact lookup on Cases from the Salesforce for Outlook (SFO) Side Panel Global Action.

Workaround is to use the Account lookup in the Side Panel instead of Contact and add a workflow to fill in Contact field on Case creation.
  1. Add Account lookup field to the In New Case Global Action layout. You can hide Contact lookup to save space since you can't use it in SFO anyway.
  2. Create a formula field on Case to pull up the Account's corresponding Contact ID (Account.PersonContactId). The field has to be available to everyone who uses Cases but does not have to be on any page layout.
  3. Create a process (I used the Process Builder) to populate Contact lookup with that formula field's value. My process runs on Case Create and conditions are [ContactID is Null AND AccountID is Not Null].
Having Contact linked to Cases is essential for the standard Case functions, such as new comment and case close notifications.  


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