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Product name in Quote Line Items related list does not match Quote Line Item record's Product

Knowledge Article Number 000233314
Description After updating Products associated to a Quote (Quote Line Items) via Data Loader by updating the Product2Id, the Product is showing the newly updated Product name in the Quote Line Item record however, the old Product name is still showing in the Quote Line Items related list and in reports.
Resolution If you review the QuoteLineItem object's documentation in the SOAP API Developer's Guide you'll see there are two fields that associate a Quote Line Item to its corresponding Product: 

Product2Id: Updating this field results in the new Product's name not being reflected in the Quote's Quote Line Item related list or reports.

PricebookEntryId: This is what actually determines which Product name is displayed in the Quote Line Items related list and reports.

The PricebookEntryId field does accept an update call as outlined in the Properties for the field in the documentation linked above.

Since it's not possible to update the PricebookEntryId field for existing QuoteLineItems, it is recommended to re-insert new Quote Line Items in order to properly update their associated products and then delete the previously existing.

1. Export the desired Quote Line Items for update.

2. In the resulting export file rename the Id column to "Old Id" and populate the export file with the updated product's corresponding PricebookEntryId. Note: A Quote record can have QuoteLineItem records only if the Quote has a Pricebook2. A QuoteLineItem must correspond to a Product2 that is listed in the quote's Pricebook2.

3. Perform an insert and map all fields except for Product2Id.

4. Perform a delete operation to remove the old Quote Line Items by mapping the renamed "Old Id" column to the Id field.

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