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Newly Created AD groups not being found in Identity Connect AD Group for Permission Set assignment

Knowledge Article Number 000233324
Description Trying to set up Permissions set to AD groups in Identity connect. Newly  created  AD group does not show up in AD Group to Permission Set assignment.
Resolution There should be a file schedule-salesforce_ADGroups_ManagedGroups.json in the conf directory which defines the schedule . Please make sure that this file exists .
If this file does not exist, then there might be some issue during the product installation
1) Either re-install the product and make sure that this file exists
2) Or if re-install is not possible ,

You can force AD Group reconciliation by modifying these REST requests to match the customer's:


The result is the id of the reconciliation e.g. c41befe3-5af1-4e0f-ab97-b251b83a433a. Use this id for the next REST request to get the results:


(This should fix the issue, again, we would be concerned that the product was not properly installed i.e. there may be other files missing.So the better option is re-install )

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