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Getting the "No Live Agent User Licenses Available" error when trying to reactivate a User

Knowledge Article Number 000233339
Description When you try to re-activate a User, you may see the following error message:

No Live Agent User Licenses Available 
There are no Live Agent Licenses available to you. If you wish to buy Live Agent User Licenses, please click here.
Resolution There are 2 possible scenarios to resolve this issue:

1) The error message appears on the UI on the User Record screen because the de-activated user has the Live Agent feature license check-box checked on his/her user record.

Resolution: If you are utilizing Live Agent, then you will need to contact your Account Executive to purchase more licenses. If you do not wish to purchase more Live Agent feature licenses, you will have to un-check the Live Agent feature license on the User Record before re-activating the user.

2) In the event that you do not have Live Agent enabled in your org and you do not have any Live Agent feature licenses available, then it is because Live Agent was once enabled for your org and the Live Agent feature license was assigned to the user record when the user was de-activated.

Resolution: Please contact your Account Executive to request a Courtesy/temporary Live Agent feature license provisioned for your org. After the license has been provisioned, you should be able to re-activate the user.

Note: Even after the user is re-activated, your org will still think that the Live Agent feature license is assigned to the user (even though you cannot see this on the user record). In order to prevent the issue from occurring again for the affected user, you will need to enable Live Agent in the org to grant visibility for the Live Agent feature license check-box. (Setup | Live Agent | Live Agent Settings | Enable Live Agent). Finally you can route to the user record and un-assign the live agent feature license.


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