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Enable Wave Analytics

Knowledge Article Number 000233349

Prior to enabling any Wave product, please review our considerations before enabling Wave Analytics.


Once your org has been provisioned with the proper licenses, follow these steps to enable Wave:

1. Click Setup | select Wave Analytics | Getting Started
2. Click Enable Analytics

Possible errors during setup

You may receive an error in the following situations:

  • Email Change Verification disabled.
  • Allowed Domain List is in use.
  • Unique or Required fields exist on the User object.

Learn more about possible errors and troubleshooting in our "Internal Server Errors in Enabling Wave Analytics" documentation" help documentation.


Environments with Event Monitoring

If your environment has Event Monitoring, you'll need to enable data accessibility for the Event Monitoring Wave App.

1. Click Setup | select Logs | Event Monitoring Setup
2. Select Enable Event Log File Integration with Event Monitoring Wave App

Next Step:  Assign Permission Set Licenses

After setup, you'll need to assign Permission Set Licenses. For full instructions, see our "Assigning Permission Set Licenses for Wave Analytics" help documentation.


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