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Special characters in Site url will cause error 503 service unavailable

Knowledge Article Number 000233373
Description When Special characters like "< ,>,( ,),{,},[,] ,!" are added to the custom URL of the salesforce sites, the URL will return the 503 error (not 404)
Resolution Whenever special character like "< ,>,( ,),{,},[,] ,!"  etc are added to the site URL then "503 service unavailable" as expected.

Example :-   The customer site (will work fine) .Now try to add one of the special characters  like  " < ,>,( ,),{,},[,] ,! " in the URL and the new URL will be like<  and it will throw the error page 503 service unavailable  (Press F12 and check the network of the browser).

This happens because the request passes through a name validation check before it gets to a resource lookup. Name validation fails at that point and request will halt with a non 404 error and a subsequent resource lookup will not occur at all.


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