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Lightning: Why are objects not available when relating a note to records?

Knowledge Article Number 000233375
Description When users attempt to Create Notes and Add Them to Records in Salesforce Lightning Experience they may find that only some objects are available for selection.

New Note Related Options

Resolution The availability of objects for selection in the Related record's object picker when working with notes is dependent on the user's frequently used objects in their global search results. See the Search All section of the How Do I Refine Search Results in Salesforce Classic? documentation for details on which objects may be displayed in user's search results.

If you would like to make a particular object available in the related record's list ensure that the object is either present in initial global search results or alternatively, pin the object in the global search results page. To manage pinned objects in search results, users will need to switch from Lightning Experience to Salesforce Classic since the ability to pin objects is not accessible in Lightning. See How Do I Refine Search Results in Salesforce Classic? for additional details.

Note: There are plans to change this default behavior with the next major release (Summer '16) to show all entities the user has access to and that can be related to a note. Please bear in mind that this change is tentative, safe harbor applies, and it may be subject to change.

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